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About Your Photographer

Born in Rochester, NY now residing in Atlanta, GA, David holds a  B.S in Management & Organizational Leadership with a minor in Arts.


He has realized that photography can be more than just a passion and a dream; it can become a profession with skills for life.


Photography is his passion, sometimes it is like a deeply concealed mystery, sometimes it gives us a chance to see what is invisible, hidden deep in our dreams. It is like desire; always bringing a joy. Photography as any other concept of art evokes emotions in us, asks questions and forces us to reflect on the world around us. I believe that the photographs I will present in our exhibition will bring some joy and emotions but also cause our viewers to reflect.

​My vision for your photography session is to portray you, and your family, just as you are – to tell your story and encapsulate a living memory!

I strive to offer a personal and friendly service so please take some time to peruse around my website, and if you like what you see, do get in touch ~ I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Me

David Mitchum

Tel: 305-767-9596

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